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NYC’s Diamond Horseshoe Reopens

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Marking 75 years since it’s original opening, the Diamond Horseshoe will be re-opening on December 31st, in New York City’s Paramount Hotel in the NYC Theatre District. The district has just finished completing a $40 million dollar renovation by real estate companies Mogul and hotel owner, Aby Rosen of RFR Holding LLC. Making this hotel/club hybrid the new “hot spot” of New York. Thanks to the transformations of Thomas W. Lamb, “King of Theaters,” original architectural landmark, the hotel now has a new modern, sexy and urban atmosphere, paired with the soul of it’s 1928 self.

The Diamond Horseshoe will not only be re-opening to the public, but also has a performance set to be presented on New Year’s Eve. Queen of the Night, produced by Randy Weiner of Variety Worldwide LLC, who also produced “Sleep No More,” will be running his show for six weeks in the 6,000 square foot Diamond Horseshoe. Queen of the Night is known to be similar to Mozart’s Opera, The Magic Flute, but has a new twist and new songs incorporated as well. Besides the music of the show, it’s presentation includes food, dance, fashion, theatre, and even circus performances. Among the creative team for this multitalented composition is Giovanna Battaglia, editor of L’Uomo Vogue, as the creative visionary. Thom Browne, recipient of the CFDA “Menswear Designer of the Year” Award, as costume designer and Jennifer Rubell, NY artist, who will be incorporating a curated food experience through her art experience in food and media. With the building ready to present, Billy Rose’s 1938 Diamond Horseshoe can be predicted to easily resurrect for 2014.

 Diamond Horseshoe

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