Trendy Fashion Wishlist

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Trendy Fashion Wishlist

Or at least mine :-)

It’s gettin chillier, meaning our wardrobes have to adapt. Yeah, we can just wear the stuff we have from last year, but we’ve gotta add at least a few new items to our closets. Here’s some of the items and styles I’m lusting after, and will be adding to my own wardrobe… once my fairy godmother finally decides to show up.

Silk/Velvet Pieces:

DANG—it really doesn’t get much better or cuter than these materials. I’ve loved the look of both silk and velvet for a while now, and recently, I’ve been seeing em popping up everywhere.

lucy_top_crimson_3 alicia2_grande
40493371_040_b unif_black_moss_dress_3

Reformation: Lucy Top—$98
Valfré: Alicia Dress—$72
Urban Outfitters: Kimchi Blue Cher Velvet Babydoll Top—$59
Unif: Moss Dress—$148

Honest–check out my camera roll and you’ll mostly see these materials. So pretty.

These Jackets/Coats/Whatever the correct word for each is: 

ts11a15ktan_zoom_m_4 40243263_032_b40243537_031_b ts11l22kblk_zoom_m_2

Topshop: Faux Fur Shearling Jacket—$150
Urban Outfitters: Silence + Noise Opia Vegan Sherpa Leather Jacket—$139
Urban Outfitters: Silence + Noise Jessa Sherpa Lined Puffer Coat—$169
Topshop: Real Down Puffer Jacket—$160

Turns out, I just really like shearling/sherpa and puffer jackets. Or a combination of both.

Sheer Pieces:

Sheer pieces are really everywhere right now. And I love em. No better way to give your outfit a different texture and a little somethin somethin. On their own or for layering, they are such a nice addition to a wardrobe.

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-19-26-pm 40638058_095_bunif_imperial_dress_4 radley_top_black_2

Brandy Melville: Rene Glitter Top—$19
Urban Outfitters: Silence + Noise Metallic Shimmer Mesh Tee—$29
Unif: Imperial Dress—$88
Reformation: Radley Top—$128

Nice nice nice nice nice.

Some Pants:

Before, I pretty much exclusively wore skinny jeans. BUT, lately, I’ve been bRaNcHinG out. Here are some pants I’m trying to buy and you probably should too:

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-35-23-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-38-19-pm41032327_030_b screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-42-07-pm

ASOS: Weekday Ami Crop Boyfriend Jeans—$49
Free People: Denim Coverall—$148 (not just pants, but still pants)
Urban Outfitters: Vintage Army Green Work Pant—$54
ASOS: Carhartt WIP High Rise Carrot Mom Jeans—$96


Ok, so, that’s all the good stuff, and you’ll probably see it slowly making it’s way into my wardrobe over the next few months.

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