Mixing the Masculine With the Feminine

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For years, the fashion industry has been mixing the roles of femininity with masculinity in their designs and pieces. Celebrities like Ruby Rose, David Bowie, and Grace Jones have popularized more androgynous looks within our culture, and these styles can be seen in everyday wear. Below are a few tips that with help you mix more masculine details into your closet and break tradition standards.

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1. Add a few blazers, but look for certain details

Blazers have become essential pieces for both men and women. If you are looking to add a blazer that has more menswear appearance look for ones that have skinny lapels; skinny lapels create a straighter line down the body while bringing less attention to your chest. Also look for blazers that have a single vent in the back. A blazer that has two vents often flare at the hip wear as has one vent with allow there to be no pull while downplaying your hips.

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2. Experiment with shoes

Wingtips or oxford shoes can really take an outfit into a more masculine direction and even balance the outfits. When looking for a pair of wingtips, try to steer clear of ones that have too much of a rounded tip because they can look a bit cheap and well, dated. Other types of shoes to play with are combat boots and athletic shoes; although there are plenty designed for women, really try to look for ones that have a more masculine feel.

Veer Bomber Jacket, $299.00

Veer Bomber Jacket, $299.00

3. Play with proportions

Looser silhouettes tend to look and appear more masculine, but truly it is up to the wearer to figure out what they are comfortable with. Try mixing fitted clothes with looser ones so that the outfit feels balance like wearing a loose fitting shirt with fitted trousers. Even try playing with jackets that may look a little looser like a bomber jacket, or  jackets that are a bit longer that again creates a straighter figure.

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J. Crew Mens Shop

4. Do not be afraid to shop in the men’s section

Take a trip to the men’s section of the store. You can find many accessories or loose tops that will make any outfit truly have a masculine feel, and a lot of times their clothing is cheaper and more comfortable.

Blogger Tamira Jarrel

Blogger Tamira Jarrel

5. Find what works for you and rock it

The idea is to really embrace both masculine and feminine details into your closet, and to not feel hesitant to do it. Some styles may work for your body type while others not so much. Just experiment with different shoes, cuts, and accessories to really find what makes you comfortable. It is about you and not what others think so wear what you and how you want!

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