Depop is The Shop

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Depop is The Shop

I’m sure we all have friends or follow people on various social medias that are always wearing cool vintage things and make it seem as though thrifting is easy. In my experience, however, this is not the case. Not at all. Going into a thrift store, the chances of finding something actually cool are slim to none. How do these people do it? I might not have that answer, but I do have a solution.

Recently, I’ve gotten into the apps that are advertised as “buy, sell, trade,” as I’ve needed to clear out my closet a bit. The main one I’ve heard about is Poshmark. It’s pretty nice—easy to use and I’ve sold a decent amount of things. But, cool things are hard to come by unless you know exactly what you’re looking for and you search it. Even then, the chances of that item being listed are low. When looking for alternate places to sell things, as my closet seemed to have lost popularity on Poshmark, I found Depop. Incidentally, Depop is everything that Poshmark is not. Rather than immediately listing items, I got lost on the “Explore” page, which is full of super unique and trendy vintage items. It’s exactly like shopping at a thrift store, except almost everything is hip. Even the photos are so nice looking, making it look like a collaborative community Instagram. It’s basically my dream app. The thing that puts it above and beyond what I expected is that it seems to be a hub for artists to list their work. Whether it’s prints of things, handmade items, or designs on clothing: it’s all on there. And, as if that weren’t enough, most of the stuff is inexpensive.


On Depop’s website, it says, “Depop is home to influential trendsetters, emerging and established creatives from fashion, design, music, sport and photography.” Depop absolutely lives up to this description, and I’m surprised it’s not already much more talked about. No matter what you’re looking for or what your style is like, I’m almost positive that you’ll find something on Depop to get excited about—both guys and girls. You can browse the search page or you can search for specific items, as well as follow users and have their listings come up in your feed. I really can’t say enough good things about it, so you’ll just have to go have a look for yourself.


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