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Phillip Phillips

Since his win on American Idol, Phillip Phillips has charmed audiences with his alluring vocal abilities and melodic songwriting skills. His sincere and soulful voice mixed with impressive guitar skills has lead his hits “Home,” “Gone, Gone, Gone” and “Raging Fire,” to become staples in music history. Philip is currently touring with fellow singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson while working on his third album.

We had the chance to ask Phillip ten quick questions about his current tour and what we can expect from his new album.

Maniac Magazine: How are you enjoying your time on tour with Matt Nathanson?

Phillip Phillips: I am having a great time so far. It is great to be back on the road, and Matt is a great performer.

MM: What has been some of your favorite moments on this tour so far? 

PPIt just started, but it has all been great so far. I think the greatest moments have been seeing the fans respond to some new music at radio events and shows.

MM:What is your favorite song to perform on tour?

PP: My favorite song to perform changes every night because crowds can be so different. I like to feel out the venue and the crowd to see which songs will be the most fun for us.

 MM: Now is the work on the newest album coming along?

PP: The new album is coming along great. I have a few more vocals to finish, but have worked with Ryan Hadlock and Dave Cobb for this record, and they are just phenomenal. I really feel like people are going to respond to these new songs. I feel it is my best material to date.

MM: Will there be a different feel to this album compared to your previous two?

PP: There is definitely a different feel, but it is still me, which is what I think people like. (At least I hope so). I really allowed myself to delve into different genres on this record. There is some rock, some funk, some blues, and pop. I feel it’s a really cohesive mix.

MM: Can you roughly explain your writing process?

PP: I normally write the music first and the lyrics follow. It depends on if I am writing with someone else or alone. I sometimes wake up in  the middle of the night, and a song has come to me, and I have to hurry and record it on my phone. My process is all about feel.

MM: Where do you gather the inspiration for your songs from?

PP: I gather inspiration from life, imagination, and nature. I will try and immerse myself in an idea, and really put myself into a situation to feel the music.

MM: What advice would you wish you knew when you first start as a working musician?

PP: I would say that it is not what everyone thinks. It is still a business, and you have to take care of the business to ensure the creative part can be there.

MM:  Do you prefer one detail of the job more than the other? Like do you prefer the songwriting side or the performance side more?

PP: I like the performance side of things. Songwriting is more personal, but I love seeing the connection that I can make with people through the music.

MM: Are you looking forward to coming to Pittsburgh?

PP: Oh Yeah!

For tickets to Phillip Phillips’s Pittsburgh show on July 5th with Matt Nathanson, you can go to his website

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