Mediterranean Baby: A Guide for the Foodie Family

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Mediterranean Baby Blogger Nicole Ziccarelli

Pittsburgh food bloggerShe’s a lawyer, a blogger, and a mom. While that may seem like an overflowing plate to some people, Nicole Ziccarelli thinks it’s the perfect portion. With thousands of daily readers, she covers every aspect of her life on her blog Mediterranean Baby.

The origin of the name way a natural discovery, Ziccarelli says, telling us, “I’m Greek and my husband’s Italian, and our son was the original Mediterranean Baby! He was the inspiration as I started to develop baby food recipes for him—but it’s become more than that.” A major theme you can find on her blog is that she believes that we need to start bringing the family back to the dinner table.

“The one thing we see over and over again on the news is how the American family is falling apart,” she laments. She hopes that with the help of her blog, families will start eating together again, and start communicating more.

Ziccarelli finds power in her faith, family, and her commitment to raising her children well. By sitting down, every day, consistently, to listen and share with each other’s thoughts, she believes she is doing just that, saying, “children thrive in stability and continuity—and we can bring them those two things at the family table.”

Pittsburgh food blogger Pittsburgh food blogger

Her four children, (all four and under!), love to help her out with making (and tasting) all of the dishes she includes on Mediterranean Baby. “I hope, that they have this image of childhood with me in the kitchen with them, because one of the most simple, but loving, things we can do for our family is feed them.”
Pittsburgh food bloggerThere is a cleverness to what this blogger does that other mommies are sure to appreciate—getting her children to eat well! “The more I include them in the recipes and tasting things, the more they’re going to eat it,” happily adding, “One of my twins loves capers! It’s just finding things that are going to attract them and make them try what you’re trying.”

With her family’s background and family inspiring her work (she lists her mom as her biggest inspiration), recipes are always being listed, however, there’s more on her blog to explore. Nicole Ziccarelli now includes different sections that talk about her family and parenting ideas as well as a “Notes from the Courtroom” section that allows her to share tips and tricks from her job as a family attorney. However, she is adamant that she never wants people to read the blog and feel as though they can’t measure up.Pittsburgh food blogger

“Every family has challenges,” she explains, “I don’t ever want it to appear that we have all of the answers and we’re perfect because that’s not the case.” However, it is in fact, a labor of love, saying, “My husband and I both hope that our actions are resonating with our children, and that we aren’t just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk.” It may surprise you hearing it come from a blogger, but when it comes to family, Nicole Ziccarelli has one key message for her readers, “actions speak louder than words.”

To read more on how you can get your family back to the table with tasty recipes and good advice, please visit Mediterranean Baby.

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