Blogger of the Week: LISH Creative

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Blogger of the Week: Alisha Johns of LISH Creative

Alisha Johns of LISH CreativeAlisha Johns is a master of two things: style and multi-tasking. Alisha, of LISH Creative is a Pittsburgh and Los Angeles based blogger who is focused on showcasing her talents and work in creativity and branding. She not only helps clients come up with successful social media strategy, she also does styled photography for products and brands, and much, much more. Alisha was able to use her platform on Instagram to not only grow a loyal following, but also meet clients! Read on to learn more Alisha’s best tips for blogging and what inspires her:

Maniac Magazine: Why did you decide to work on your business full time?

Alisha Johns: I’m from a family of entrepreneurs and it is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I was just waiting for that right opportunity. In the beginning, I was working 50+ hours per week at my advertising agency job and producing content on the nights and weekends  – it was my creative escape. But when I started to get burnt out, and had to turn down projects because of my day-job, that’s when I knew it was time to take the leap. I truly never imagined that Instagram, in particular, could lead to so many opportunities.

MM: What goals do you have for your business and blog this year?
AJ: My primary goal is to continue to produce exceptionally creative content for my clients, and for my own blog and Instagram. That’s something that I don’t want to ever lose sight of. I will be blogging more often and covering topics new relating to styling and content creation. I am also planning to develop an e-course for small business owners.

MM: Describe your personal style in one sentence
AJ: Classic & comfortable with a pop of color

MM: What is your best advice in growing your blog/Instagram following?
AJ: Every single image that you post should be a direct reflection of your work and your brand. Treat your Instagram and blog like a working portfolio and utilize captions to show authenticity and personality. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t put it on your website, then it’s not the best representation of your work, and shouldn’t be shared on social media.  Once you’ve created strong content  – engage to grow. Utilize hashtags that are in line with your target audience and ake a genuine interest in connecting with like-minded users.

Alisha Johns of LISH Creative

MM: When styling pictures for clients, what’s your thought process/what do you do to make the pictures aesthetically pleasing and successful?
AJ: I build every image around the product and the overall brand aesthetic. Props, backgrounds and locations are core elements that can really complement a product to give it that extra punch. Once I have a visual action plan, I just start styling. I try different combinations and swap props in and out until I find a nice balance. Images that are easy on the eyes (not cluttered) and have a distinct focus are the ones that resonate best with consumers, especially on social.

MM: What blogs or Instagram accounts inspire you?
AJ: I have been so lucky to connect with and even meet some of these amazing content creators. My favorites include: @mattcrump @jeffmindell @sugarandcloth @hellosaratramp, @violettinder, @rclayton, @splendid_rags @creativekipi @jenniferlake & @amyventures

MM: What’s it like to split your time between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles?
AJ: It is exciting to find inspiration in two incredible cities. I have been able to build a great a network in both places, so it just makes the most sense for me right now both personally and professionally. And escaping the Pittsburgh winter for a little while is a nice perk.

Alisha Johns of LISH Creative

MM: What is your most maniac moment
AJ: My most maniac moment was putting in my two weeks notice at my advertising agency job! It felt a bit scary to give up a steady income, but also freeing. I’m in my element now – this is what I’ve always wanted to do.

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram!

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