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‘Some Like It Hot’ star, Marilyn Monroe, sizzled onscreen as the epitome of a beautiful blonde bombshell. MANIAC ‘likes it even hotter’ and is naming Jessica Simpson the bona fide bombshell; an irresistible icon of the 21st century. We just had to get in her skin.

Our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the modern day Marilyn left us wondering how a small town girl from Richardson, Texas could handle signing a deal with Columbia Records and releasing a chart topping album all while heating it up with hubby and co-star, Nick Lachey, on MTV’s new hit, The Newlyweds.

Could popularity and fame have something to do with 1,000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets? Can anyone explain the “chicken of the sea” fiasco? Or what about the sheepish giggles trademarked after every live performance? Perhaps the rumored IQ of 160 merits the wholesome naiveté as she patently prances along the poolside in stilettos. Regardless, she’s refreshingly pure, perfectly charismatic and quite frankly a killer knockout. Our girl puts Barbie to shame.

What embarrasses you?

Jessica Simpson: Nothing… anymore (trademark giggles). There aren’t many things that embarrass me anymore. I think I’ve made fun of myself in front of the entire world.

Has anything happened in your past that could be classified under “Most Embarrassing Moment’?

Jessica Simpson: Yeah, I was actually at the White House singing “God Bless America’ and I messed up the lyrics. President Bush looked at me, winked, and told me to keep going.

Is there any part of your personality that does not come across on The Newlyweds?

Jessica Simpson: A lot of my personality. They only hone in on a couple parts ‘cause those are the only ones that really make the TV show work.

What’s one part of your personality that you wish people could see?

Jessica Simpson: Oh, I don’t know. I think my fans know a lot about me, but you know, I do like to carry on in deep conversations. It’s not all just questions. I ask more repetitive questions on The Newlyweds than really come out of my mouth.

What advice do you have for young couples that are thinking about getting married?

Jessica Simpson: I feel like if it’s true love, it’s true love and you kinda can’t hold yourself back. It’ll last – but it all depends on if you’re acting upon emotion or if you’re acting upon what your heart is telling you to do. Obviously, to have both of them is the best way to go into a marriage. But, young marriage is tough. It’s hard. Especially for people who are still looking to pursue a career – or whatever it may be. I hear from my parents that, financially, it’s rougher as a young married couple.

Do you find it hard that you and Nick are both working within the same field? Is there any problem with being competitive?

Jessica Simpson: Nick and I have been dating since I was 18 and I turn 24 in a couple days. It’s always been this way for us. We’ve always been in the public’s eye and we’ve always had to deal with having time apart. So, it’s something we’re used to.

What is your favorite food to cook for Nick?

Jessica Simpson: I haven’t cooked for Nick in so long ‘cause I’ve been out of town. His favorite thing…he loves my Texas Chili. I make really good chili and he loves this pasta dish that I do. Not the pasta dish that I made on The Newlyweds, but this other pasta dish that I actually do very well. I really am a good cook. They like to make it look like I am not good in the kitchen – but I love it. When I got married, I registered for the entire store of William Sonoma.

Jess, what are three products you can’t live without?

Jessica Simpson: Well, for my hair I love Paves Professional. It’s new at Walgreen’s. It’s actually my hairdresser’s product and it’s all I use. I love it. It’s just a really, really great line.

What’s your favorite makeup line?

Jessica Simpson: My favorite makeup line… that’s hard. I like a line called Bourjois Paris. For foundations and stuff, I like La Mer.

How do you feel now that you’re both a personality and a positive role model? Are you more stressed from constantly being in the public’s eye?

Jessica Simpson: It’s really just part of my personality. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Nothing really bothers me, not even if people are talking bad or whatever. It’s taking everything in stride. I’m blessed to be in the position that I am and I’m going to take full advantage of it.

Your new album is In This Skin. What advice would you give to young women who are still trying to find themselves and be comfortable about who they are and how they look?

Jessica Simpson: The album is all about growing up and how everybody goes through the same situations and has the same thoughts. No matter how old you are, you still have days where you feel bloated, you don’t feel good about yourself, or you have a big zit in the middle of your forehead. I think that so much of today’s society promotes perfection with these magazine covers that have been airbrushed to death. I wrote In This Skin because I wanted young fans to know that I go through the same things that they do – and yet I’m on the cover of these magazines.

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