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I will be the first to admit that I’m not really a haircare kind of girl. My daily routine consists of washing, conditioning, blow-drying and calling it a day. I just don’t fuss over things and my hair is 90% dry shampoo by the end of the week. I will spend an hour on my makeup but when it comes to my hair, 15 minutes is 15 minutes too many. If I was brave enough, I would pull a Britney circa 2007 minus the meltdown on the car and suspected drug use. It’s just not what I like to focus on when getting ready for the day.

Enter Windle & Moodie. This London-based brand (and salon) has got me doing things with my hair I would have never thought twice about – and thank God for that. This newfound journey to blonde has left my hair parched and crying out for some TLC. That’s why I was elated when I was presented with these products but before I start gushing, let’s get some background on the brand that stole my hair’s heart.

Their award-winning salon has been a feature of Covent Garden for the past 26 years. In case you missed it, Covent Garden in London’s West End is a popular destination for visitors and Londoners who enjoy shopping, theatre, restaurants, bars, history and culture. So basically, the perfect spot for this trendy salon that has grown a coveted client list and established a reputation for top-class service. Their salon team is at the forefront of trends in fashion, beauty and popular culture. Their editorial and catwalk stylists specialize in translating these trends into everyday, wearable styles for their loyal clients.

Paul Windle has been hairdressing for 33 years. That’s longer than I have been alive so naturally I am going to trust whatever he says when it comes to tresses. When he started hairdressing, there were very few products available and would mix anything to get a look. Twenty years ago, Windle discovered an Aladdin’s cave of wonderful shampoos, conditioners, lotions and potions to treat the hair and scalp. Their salon in Covent Garden remains the lab and the clients’ opinions are taken as greatly privileged information.

Neil Moodie works with some of the most successful and talented personalities in the fashion industry and with A-list celebrities and models. Neil has also been on the editorial team for Aveda and Bumble and Bumble in the past. Besides his successful editorial career, Neil is an integral part of the Windle & Moodie salon, acting as Creative Director, bringing his editorial experience into the salon and inspiring the Windle & Moodie hairdressers. Neil has been instrumental in the development of the Windle & Moodie haircare line.

The Windle and Moodie range combines innovative hair treatments and performance-driven styling. They worked with scientists in the UK to develop break-through technologies and find unique ingredients, which capture our imagination and have proven benefits on the hair and scalp. All their hair treatments are infused with high-quality teas, which are known for their antioxidant properties, protecting and leaving the hair radiant and shiny. Their styling range is about performance and functionality since it stands the rigorous test in their salon and editorial work.

So, “What are the products like?” you ask? Well, for one, their Fortifying Treatment shampoo smells so good it keeps me in the shower longer than I would like and I find myself wanting to tell them it should be a body lotion. It also works. It was formulated with rooibos tea and wheat protein to thicken. Rooibos tea is rich in active antioxidants and known to promote hair growth. Wheat micro-proteins reinforce from within to help reduce breakage.

It also contains a color protecting complex and no sulphates so it’s safe for color-treated hair. I pair mine with the Nourishing Conditioner. Using keratin technology, this lightweight detangler repairs and strengthen dry and colour treated hair. Drench your hair with green tea active antioxidants and lace with cocoa butter to nourish and boost shine.

I use the Shine & Smoothing Oil before blasting my hair with a dryer. With a blend of apricot, camellia and argan natural oils, this potion smoothes and nourishes all hair types. It also has a blow-drying agent to tame fly-aways and a UV filter. I use mine on wet hair but you can always use it to smooth, finish and gloss dry hair.

Last (but not least because I am obsessed) is the Invisible Day & Night cream. It smells like heaven. I can’t get enough of it. Infused with monoi oil, it will help heal past damage and also help to prevent new damage from mechanical, chemical or the elements from happening. Like coconut oil, Monoi can help stop protein loss in hair which has been shown to help stop breakage. This will help the hair grow longer, stronger and become healthier. It also contains coconut oil and because of this, Monoi oil helps to significantly reduce frizz.

It also contains sugar beet. They have a high content of silica, a trace mineral, which is ideal for healthy skin and scalp. It helps to strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation, which stimulates the blood flow to one’s scalp and encourages hair growth. Its composition allows it to retain moisture and give superior hydration without annoying stickiness associated with some glycerin-based products. Bonus points? UV protection as well. I slather my hair in this before going to bed and wake up to shiny, soft locks. It’s a day and night cream but my scalp tends to be oily so I only use it at night.

Phew! That’s a plethora of information. Am I right? All good things though. To summarize, these products are free of sulfates and harsh irritants. Plus, with the added bonus of a UV filter, they are also going to protect any colored hair from the damaging (and fading) rays of the sun. With spring and summer around the bend, can I get a hallelujah?!

Visit their website for their full range of products and if you’re ever in London, be sure to make an appointment.

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