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Capture9103__small_1024x1024  Perfume is the one thing in every girl’s beauty routine that is unique and customized for each individual. Not only do you choose a scent that you personally think smells good, but you also choose a perfume that is an accurate representation of your personality. And if you’re anything like me, you like to switch up your perfume as the seasons change or even when you enter a new chapter in life. As both of these reasons apply to myself currently, I am definitely on the hunt for a new scent in my life! Cue Mixologie, the bendable perfume collection of pure fragrance oils. This collection is unique because there are 8 completely different scents, each scent is able to “mix” with the other scents, creating a wonderful smelling perfume cocktail. Be your own bartender of smells and whip up any type of fragrant concoction you have ever dreamed of! You can buy individual rolls if a certain scent tickles your fancy, or have your cake and eat it to and order the entire box set to try a different combination each day!



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The Scents:

  • Electric (Citrus Twist)
  • Inspired (Rose Floral)
  • Tenacious (Crisp Vanilla)
  • Sultry (Wild Musk)
  • Free (Ocean Mist)
  • Serene (Light Floral)
  • Assured (Natural)
  • Tender (Fruity)

Where To Start:

  • Follow your heart: Let the scent names be your guide. Roll with how you feel.
  • Follow your nose: Ignore the names. If it smells great, roll with it.
  • Follow a recipe: Discover one that speaks to you. That’s how you roll.
  • Follow your friends: Search #MyMixologie for insight. Then rock and roll, baby.


I can tell you first hand that these perfume rollers are no joke and I have already had so much fun coming up with different combinations! The box set even comes with recipe cards to make the best perfume cocktail depending on what plans you have going on tonight! Trust me, you are going to want to try this. You’ll never look at perfume the same way again!

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