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Earth Tu Face

slideshow_5In a world of pollutants, irritants and chemicals, it’s nice to have some control of what goes in and on our bodies. We don’t have control over much, but at least we have the power to be picky about how we take care of ourselves. With so many options, sometimes a trip to the grocery store is overwhelming and walking into a department store sends us into an anxiety attack filled with fragrance, makeup and the perfect moisturizer. Luckily for you Maniac readers, we have some insight into some products that will make you feel good knowing what you’re using is good for you.

Earth Tu Face products were the brainchild of Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm in California in 2002. The dream started with a garden and focusing on the fact that the products they were creating were 100% natural. Growing all of their ingredients from the ground up, it is important that they never use a product that you couldn’t also put in your mouth. That annoying moment when you accidentally eat your face mask and run through a list of horrible scenarios is null and void with Earth Tu Face.

The brand has completely erased fillers from the products so all the ingredients are “active”. What that means is each ingredient directly helps in achieving maximum performance. There are no layers to cut through. Their formulas are the best of the best and never tested on animals – only real people – and only organic, food-grade ingredients. Bonus points for a long life. You can keep these around for 3.5 years without questioning their expiration. That’s not always the case with natural, earth-friendly products so we’re thankful for it.

Their Skin Stick definitely falls into my list of a “Few of My Favorite Things”. It’s basically an all-purpose, do as you please with me kind of miracle. Not short on usage potential, it’s formulated with medicinal herbs to repair all varieties of skin issues from chapped lips to irritations. It also doubles as a highlight if you want to give your cheekbones that moonbeam kind of sheen. I really like skincare products that double as makeup in disguise so this is right up my ally.

The ingredient list of this one is full of skin superstars. Organic Olive oil is rich in minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and easily absorbs into skin cells. You all know how much I love anything that comes from bees and have heard me talk about the healing qualities of beeswax. Antiseptic Vetiver root speeds the rate of tissue rebuilding and fades scars. Geranium calms skin irritations while providing nutritive aid to cells and lavender relieves inflammation. Like, how could you not love this little stick?

I keep their Rose and Aloe toning mist in my bag as a nice little pick-me-up after a long day – which is pretty much every day if you’re out of college and have a job. The scent of rose hits me first and is quickly followed by the cooling from the aloe vera. I’m a huge fan of multi-taskers (in case you didn’t pick up on that) and this toner can be used as a makeup setter, after-sun spray and as a base moisturizer to boost exposure to healthy botanicals. Made weekly in their apothecary, it’s fresh – never frozen.

With all of these good ingredients, how could you not treat yo’self to something good? Your body will thank you (and so will your skin).

I believe when you're pretty on the inside, you're pretty on the outside but you can't beat that perfect shade of lipstick and eyelashes as big as your dreams.

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