LegenDerry Names Fellow Pittsburgh Artist, Wiz Khalifa as Inspiration

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LegenDerry Names Fellow Pittsburgh Artist, Wiz Khalifa as Inspiration

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We recently got to take sometime to get to talk to native Pittsburgher and musician, LegenDerry. After listening to his music, we definitely think that this artist deserves more recognition. Take some time out of your day and learn a little more about him, and play a song or two in the background while you are at it!

Maniac Magazine (MM): How did you get started in music? Was it recent or at a young age?

LegenDerry (LD): I always loved rap music.. I started listening to Eminem, Biggie, and 50 cent at a very young age. I started rapping for fun in my buddy’s basement when I was 12 but we didn’t really take it seriously. In 9th grade I took a music technology class where we learned how to create and record our own songs. that’s what really got me into music.

MM: What style of music would you classify yourself under?

LD: REAL hip hop

MM: What musicians inspire you?

LD: My biggest inspiration growing up was Wiz Khalifa.. I pretty much only used to listen to his mixtapes. Being a little bit older I’m inspired by just about everything I see/hear. I listen to more metal than rap now.

MM: Where has been your favorite place to perform? Are there any places you want to go back to?

LD: My favorite place to perform was Levelz in the South Side. It’s a smaller venue but that place was lit. I’ve never seen people so hype for an underground hip hop show.

MM: Is there a favorite memory you have from while you were performing?

LD: I just really enjoy traveling and I’m happy I get to see so many cool places by performing my music

MM: What is your most “maniac” music moment?

LD: I still feel like my most “maniac” moment is yet to come.. I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned

Though his new EP doesn’t drop until early July, you can pass the time by listening to LegenDerry’s current tracks here:

And be sure to check him out at The Funhouse @ Mr. Smalls on June 9th. Tickets available here:

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