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Sophia Amoruso is known for her risk taking techniques and revolutionizing marketing in the fashion world; her dedication and work has led her to become one of the most sought after visionaries and entrepreneurs. Her brand NastyGal becoming one of the biggest and fastest growing brands in fashion. Amoruso has been able to take this mission and translate it into the autobiography “#GIRLBOSS.” The philosophy started from Amoruso’s book published in 2014 about her journey from dumpster-diving to becoming CEO of a multi-million dollar fashion empire. #GIRLBOSS has become a New York Times Bestseller, a Netflix series in the works and has expanded into an empire of its own.

Sophia Amoruso.maniac magazine

What makes Girlboss™ unique is the work it does to help promote female business owners and creators; this movement focuses on creating an environment that women can share stories of entrepreneurship and become bosses of their own life. This message rings through the multiple outlets that Girlboss™ uses to spread awareness and encouragement to young women. Amoruso has created the GIRLBOSS™ Foundation; this foundation has a mission is to empower of the next generation of female entrepreneurs within a creative community. The foundation hopes to empower women to take over the world through their creative endeavors. GIRLBOSS™ Foundation fulfills its mission by awarding grants biannually to women that are pursuing entrepreneurial ventures in design, fashion, music and the arts. Since the foundations launch in 2014, over $75,000 in grants to women that are on their way to becoming bosses of their own future.

Not only has she created an empire with NastyGal, Girlboss™ is forging ahead making it possible for women to achieve their dreams. Amoruso has not stopped empowering women with just the foundation; she has started #girlboss Radio which Amoruso interviews women in all types of leadership positions. Some of her guests have included Beth Comstock (Vice Chair of General Electric), Actress Charlize Theron, and the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Al-jen Poo, just to name a few. Within these interviews, not only does the listener get to hear about these women’s adventures in business, but advice for those looking to start down the same path. Amoruso is even publishing her second book, “Nasty Galaxy,” that further looks into her philosophies about work and life in general.

girlboss radio.maniac magazine

Sophia Amoruso has created a new philosophy for women looking to enter the world of business. Through the story of her own crazy journey through fashion and the advice of her many guests, women are joining a platform that allows that support each other, grow as entrepreneurs, and be their own boss.

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