Maniac Magazine is Pittsburgh’s quintessential guide to fashion and style.

Inspired by America’s uncompromising industrial spirit, April Hubal decided to venture out from the traditional arduous job market search to undertake a career in media. Her entrepreneurial path, paved with uncertainty and risk, focused on giving back to her community. Realizing there was no voice for the Pittsburgh chic, she set out to combine her love for fashion, photography, writing, and her home. And, so a Maniac was born.

April wanted to bring her loves together in a forum that could be easily shared with other like-minded Pittsburghers, who were bored with a clichéd approach to style and wanted to be inspired by their city’s undiscovered vibrance in fashion, art and food. Exposing Pittsburgh’s hidden gems with a fresh and original edge was something she desperately wanted to do, and something Pittsburgh demanded. Founded in 2003, Maniac Magazine gave that innovative voice to Pittsburgh fashionistas and trendsetters.

Maniac Magazine now is a household must-have for unearthing the city’s latest happening spots, people, and shops. Maniac’s original Maniac hopes that her magazine inspires others just as the city has inspired her – Explore the fun, fresh side of Pittsburgh.